As we become a more "exposed" society and people want to enhance the beauty of all areas of their bodies, people are turning to Anal Bleaching as the next step in their beauty enhancement routine. Anal Bleaching allows both men and women to look their best, especially in their most intimate areas​
Pigmentation can occur on different parts of the body on both men & women. Depending on which part of the body, pigmentation can be due to a number of reasons including diet, skin damage & hormonal changes. 
Melanin is the pigment that gives human skin, hair & eyes their colour. The Bella Sydney Skin Lightening Gel works by balancing the body’s natural production of melanin, thereby reducing & stabilising pigmentation. 
The effectiveness of treatments varies based on the severity of pigmentation & the body’s response to the Skin Lightening Gel. It is important to follow the recommended treatment program, to obtain optimal results. 
The Bella Sydney Skin Lightening Gel has a unique patented formula, derived from natural ingredients. The Bella Sydney Skin Lightening Gel does not contain harmful ingredients, found in other skin lightening products eg. bleaches, mercury, Kojic Acid or Hydroquinone (cancer causing), which can burn or scar the skin. 
The Bella Sydney Skin Lightening Gel is safe enough to use on all areas of the body including face, thighs & delicate areas (anus & vagina). It has also been proven to reduce pigmentation caused by sun damage including sun/age spots & freckles. 
The BELLA SYDNEY Skin Lightening treatment is a safe, affordable & effective skin lightening regime. 

For more information on the BELLA SYDNEY Skin Lightening range, please contact Anna on:

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